I’m the owner of this little shop. A work from home autism mom to two rambunctious and geeky little boys Raine (11) and Rowan (8). I’m an endometriosis + chronic pain sufferer. I’m also a mental health advocate and sufferer/survivor. My husband, James and I live in a small “city” in Northwest Connecticut. We adore it here most of the time ;)

I love so many things like music, dancing, photography, videography, graphic + web design, reading, movies, cemeteries, ghost stories, all manner of animals, yoga, food, my pool! coffee, shopping, long walks in Target, and probably a million other things. We are serious lovers of karaoke. Even the kids love it.


I’ve constantly struggled with my personal style. Often feeling like I needed to adhere to specific style labels and aesthetics but I never could truly define myself into one style “box”. Style, to me, is a form of self expression and some days I feel “emo” while other days I feel like a punk, boho, princess.

This is the place that Atomic Wildflower was born from. I wanted bold, rebellious styles for ALL woman of ALL sizes. I wanted to express and feel connected to myself outside of the titles taken on as a woman because I’m not just a “mom” or a “wife” but still Traci too. A punky, boho, creative woman who loves funky unicorn colored hair, tattoos, and loud music.

No rules. No boxes or labels. That’s Atomic Wildflower.