About Atomic Wildflower

About Me

I’m the owner of this little shop. A work from home mom to two rambunctious and geeky little boys Raine (13) and Rowan (9). I’m an endometriosis + chronic pain sufferer. I’m also a mental health advocate and sufferer/survivor. My husband, James and I live in a small “city” in Northwest Connecticut. We adore it here most of the time ;)

I love so many things like music, dancing, photography, videography, graphic + web design, reading, movies, cemeteries, ghost stories, all manner of animals, yoga, food, my pool! coffee, shopping, long walks in Target, and probably a million other things. We are serious lovers of karaoke. Even the kids love it.

Random q+a Time..

Internet.... oddly. Why is it so high?

Sleep in.... I am totally a night person.

I’ve had 1 c-section, 1 laproscopic surgery for endometriosis….. do wisdom teeth count?

My family crazy ;) I actually don't drive! I have some blindness in one right eye from a birth injury so I’m not the safest person to have on the road.

Both! and bunnies, and birds, and hedgehogs..

Halloween, of course! Then definitely Christmas. My birthday maybe too. That’s definitely a holiday :P

Depends on the day. Sometimes Slytherin. Other times Ravenclaw.

Just Friends. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Craft. Interstellar. Arrival. High Fidelity. Empire Records. There’s just too many awesome movies.

I have 3. A neck tattoo, my dads tribute tat on my lower left hip + my kushiel’s legacy back piece.

Buffy, Supernatural, Angel, Wednesday, Stranger Things, Lucifer, Firefly, there’s no favorite here :D

Probably a little of both. Possibly a little vampire in there too.

Flats. Doc Martens, TUK shoes and Converse mostly.

About The Shop

I’ve constantly struggled with my personal style. Often feeling like I needed to adhere to specific style labels and aesthetics but I never could truly define myself into one style “box”. Style, to me, is a form of self expression and some days I feel “emo” while other days I feel like a punk, boho, princess.

This is the place that Atomic Wildflower was born from. I wanted bold, rebellious styles for ALL woman of ALL sizes. I wanted to express and feel connected to myself outside of the titles taken on as a woman because I’m not just a “mom” or a “wife” but still Traci too. A punky, boho, creative woman who loves funky unicorn colored hair, tattoos, and loud music.

No rules. No boxes or labels. That’s Atomic Wildflower.