We are indeed seeing some extended shipping delays. I’m still processing your orders and getting them out the door within 24-48 hours but USPS is experiencing some delays up to weeks. Keep that in mind when placing your order!! Seems to be hit or miss right now. 

Everyone still seems to be receiving their items, nothing is getting lost. It’s just taking a long time in some cases to get your stuff. I STRONGLY SUGGEST PURCHASING ROUTE SHIPPING INSURANCE!! They will literally replace your items or refund your order within 24 hours of a claim filed should your package be lost or stolen. USPS will make us wait weeks - months. Route is usually .98 - 1% of your order so around a couple bucks. Really worth it! 

We are also finally starting to see the hit in manufacturing and lockdowns in stock and new arrivals. Things are a little sparse around here so bear with me 😅 as things reopen and manufacturing begins to restart I’m hoping I’ll be able to replenish things at a faster rate soon. 🤞

I know times are scary and everything is uncertain. Please know that here at Atomic Wildflower, I got you. This shop is currently run by me solely at home (sometimes my doofy husband helps) from a storage space on my property. We are in full self quarantine as my husband works from home right now as well and we are practicing all possible safety measures when packaging your items before shipping. If any one of us (me, my husband, and the 2 boy sprouts) were to come down sick we have decided to shut down the store until it’s safe to reopen. I will definitely keep you updated if that were to happen! 

As always if you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to email me anytime. I usually answer emails within 24 hours :) in the meantime, stay safe, stay positive, we got this!!

Peace, love and hair grease ✌️♥️🌻,